Welcome to your Sanctuary, powerful being.

I See You Sanctuary is a virtual, sacred and safe space for awakening beings to Heal, Rise and Master their Magic. We are a growing community of awakening beings doing the work to raise our consciousness as we practice BEING our magnificent selves.

A Sanctuary for BEING.

"I firmly believe that our purpose in life is to simply BE ourselves. After years (and lifetimes!) of forgetting who we are, we have a unique opportunity to awaken to our divine selves, to remove the masks and the shackles and simply BE: fully, completely and unapologetically." — Mar

Welcome to our Sanctuary. 

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Activation Experience: Lion's Gate 8/8

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Sun Magick & Ritual: A Deep Dive Workshop on Aug 9th, 4pm EST (LIVE)

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Cleanse Sound Bath Session: Flow into The New (REPLAY)

Theme: Flow Into The New
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Radical Self Care for Radical Times: Energy Flow (REPLAY)

Theme: Energy Flow
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Cleanse Sound Bath W/ Reiki: Rewrite The Story (REPLAY)

Theme: Rewrite Your Story.
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Cleanse Sound Bath Session: Activate Your Magic (REPLAY)

Theme: Activate Your Magic
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Cleanse Sound Bath Session: Remember Who You Are (REPLAY)

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We offer Scholarships and Sliding Scale pricing to those struggling financially.

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Mariam Mouna "Mar"

Mar is a Marrakech native Brooklyn-based Alchemist, Healer and Energy Practitioner on a mission to assist awakening beings in raising their consciousness and creating their own reality. 

We See You.

I See You Wellness Sanctuary is open to all and is a safe space and sanctuary for BIPOC, LGBTQA+ and self-identified MISFITS. 

Come BE yourself with us.