Heal & Rise: 6 Week Live Experience by I See You Sanctuary
Enrollment is closed

Heal & Rise: 6 Week Live Experience

Enrollment is closed

What's Included?

2 Ceremonies
2 Cleanse Sound Bath Sessions
4 Workshops
4 Energy Work Sessions
4 Live Q&A Sessions
1 Self Care Package ($60+ worth)
A community portal during the course
Resources, Videos, Worksheets
Other Bonus Content
Any other spirit-led offerings
Intimate experience (33 people max)

Plus, a One Month Membership to I See You Sanctuary (Launching in July)

All sessions are LIVE and Led by Mar. 
Recordings will be available for replay after each session.

Everyone who signs up will receive a Self Care Package filled with I See You Vibrational Products.

This package will be crafted with you in mind and mailed to your home by Summer Solstice and will include existing I See You Wellness products and new products! The package will only be available to Heal & Rise Attendees (max 33 people).

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The Schedule

May 23rd: Opening Ceremony 
May 24th: Vibe So High Workshop: How to raise your vibration
May 27th: Energy Practice + Q&A
May 30th: Master your Boundaries Workshop 
May 31st: Cleanse Sound Healing Session
June 6th: Master Your Energy Workshop
June 10th: Energy Practice + Q&A
June 13th: Intuition + Spirit Communication Workshop
June 17th: Energy Practice + Q&A
June 20th: Summer Solstice Activation + Closing Ceremony
June 24th: Share Circle + Q&A
June 28th: Cleanse Sound Bath Session

Can't make a session? No worries. All sessions will be recorded and available for replay.

To keep this space sacred, all content will be spirit-led and revealed live and via the course portal.

This experience is capped at 33 people max to keep it intimate. There are plenty of spots left as of now.

Meet Your Guide: Mar

Scholarship + Sliding Scale Pricing Available

We have a Scholarship and a few sliding scale spots available for those who are experiencing financial hardship. Applications are closed.


"My first time attending the workshop was absolutely wonderful. I was moved to tears at the end because my affirmation correlated directly with where I was on my journey. It was great to be vulnerable in a safe community, thank you for holding space for me."
"I related to Mar immediately. 
She is a true healer and intuitive. 
I felt seen and understood. Immediately after the session I felt incredibly relaxed and more confident and motivated in my ability to handle my life. 
I will definitely be back to work with her again in the future." 
"This experience left me feeling whole, affirmed, and confident that I had the power to create the future that I want. Weeks later and I am still reaping the benefits of such a transformative experience and applying what I learned into my life such as the energy wok and rituals."


What will I learn during this course? I'm not sure if this is for me.

Everything we teach is meant to provide you with tools, techniques and a supportive community so you can feel confident to bloom and BE who you were always meant to be. We encourage EVERYONE to follow their intuition and carve their own path. We are not here to tell you what to do, we are here to support you in your journey of becoming. You are already divine! We're just here to help you awaken to that fact.

What is Energy Work and Energy Magic?

Energy Work is a vast term used to describe the practice of working with various energies to create your own reality. We use energy work for healing, empowerment and a way to open up to yourself as an energy being of frequency. You will learn and get a chance to practice energy work in a fun and powerful way during this course.

What is "Spirit-Led" mean?

Spirit-Led means that all content is channeled via spirit for the highest good of all involved. Meaning that we don't have an agenda except to show up and be led by spirit for our individual highest good. We are all on a specific journey, guided by unique spirit guides; Mar's role is to channel content and teachings with the highest intention of love and light and your job will be to do your individual work to extract what resonates with you and implement it for your unique journey.

Is this spiritual work?

Absolutely, yes. We are spirit-led and recommend you do the sameā€”as in, listen to your spirits first and always, this is ultimately what we teach. We work exclusively with beings of light, benevolent ancestors and spirit guides. We use a combination of teachings from the ancient to the avant-garde. Yet, this isn't a "religious" space nor a cult or a recruitment space. We welcome beings from all walks of life, religious backgrounds, genders and ages and encourage you to follow your path, we respect you fully. To us, you're bigger than all the labels and we're creating this space for you to experience yourself as a being of light and for the sole intention of raising consciousness. 

Will this experience be offered again in the future?

Maybe, maybe not, we can't predict the future, but we can safely say that we have every intention of making this work available in the future. If this course is offered again in the near future, it will probably not be a fully LIVE experience, but you'll have access to recorded sessions. We'll see! If you are called to it, we recommend joining now as it will never be offered under these circumstances and planetary energies again!

I'm new to all of this, can I still join?

Absolutely!!! Beginners are THE BEST and are welcome here! It's actually better if you have no expectations as you're more open. This work resonates on a deep soul level so even if you are a "beginner" in your mind, your soul knows what's up, it guided you here after all ;) 

Is this experience for me?

This is for you if:
  • You're in a time of transition and rebirth
  • You're ready to heal deep wounds and release what's keeping you "stuck"
  • You're ready to own your power and set boundaries
  • You're ready to learn and practice energy work
  • You're ready to create your own reality
  • You're ready to graduate from "victim consciousness"
  • You're ready to graduate to an empowered "empath"
  • You're ready to connect to your higher self and guides
  • If your heart/soul/guides guided you here "for some reason"
  • You're ready to do the inner work in a fun, supportive space
  • You're ready to BE YOU, fully, completely and unapologetically

Are You Ready?

Join us