Sun Magick & Ritual: A Deep Dive Workshop (REPLAY) by I See You Sanctuary

Sun Magick & Ritual: A Deep Dive Workshop (REPLAY)

About this Workshop

As a child of the Sahara Desert, I always had a special relationship with the Sun. As an energy practitioner, I have bee called to work with the Sun more often and to share their magick with you.

As melanated people, we are people of the Sun ☀️, our bodies, skins and cells remember a time where we spent most our days out under the sun (willingly...) communing with the elements. We didn’t need to build walls or empires because nature filled our bellies and spirits abundantly.

As a modern society, we are called to reconnect back to roots and with the way of our ancestors. We are in a time of great spiritual awakening and innvovation and now more than ever, we must use the tools and the spirits available to us to empower ourselves and our communities.

We hear a lot about Moon Magick and are all familiar with Moon rituals and practices and while the Moon is cool, we must not forget about the SUN as the SUN is what powers our entire existence and planetary system we live within.

In this workshop, we will dive deep in all things SUN, I will share my downloads, channelings, research findings, magick, rituals and Solar Power Up Journey and Meditation.

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