An inner experience into the magical universe within.

The Inner Retreat is a day intensive exploring our multidimensionality and the powerful energy beings that we are. We offer you a sacred space to explore the magical world within you and that is you.

This experience is for the serious spiritual seeker who is ready to access and expand on their multidimensionality within a sacred container.

It is designed to help you unplug from mass consciousness and plug into Source within.

The Schedule & Offerings

We encourage you to clear out your entire day to get the best out of this experience. There will be multiple breaks between sessions to get lunch, tea and recharge.

You will also receive an invitation to join the upcoming sounds bath session on Oct 31st on a Full Moon as well as credit to use to at I See You Apothecary.

All sessions will be recorded and available to watch after.
All times are in EST.

We kick off the day with grounding, shielding and intention setting.

We then move into a gentle QiGong movement practice to open our energy channels and tap into our inner Qi.

After a short break, Mar shares the Alchemical Keys to creating your own reality.

This brand new consciousness expanding workshop will breakdown the nature of reality and provide you with tools and energy codes to use in your own journey of creating your reality.

We then integrate all the learnings with a Kundalini Practice and Meditation to help us access the Quantum Realm.

We will discuss the technology of being in the NOW and practice accessing the zero-point field.

We conclude the day with a channeled transmission and a group A.U.R.A (past life regression) experience.

Mar will introduce a new line of work: quantum alchemy, hypnotherapy and past/future life regression. This experience will bring all the pieces of the puzzle together as we'll be tapping into the quantum realm and receiving new codes from a higher, divine aspect of ourselves.

Plus, you're invited to join us Live for a special Cleanse Sound Bath Session on Oct 31st.

This session is at no extra cost to you and will be extremely potent as it takes place on the second full moon of October and on Halloween.

Meet Your Guides

Ivor Edmonds

Ivor Edmonds is a trauma-informed systems builder with 20 years of experience working with survivors of trauma. He is a Reiki Master, Yoga and Pilates Instructor and certified Qi Gong and Kemetic Meditation Instructor, among others.

Shirley Johnson

Shirley is a licensed psychotherapist, energy healer and yoga teacher based in Oakland, California. Shirley brings 10 years of yoga teaching experience and has been studying various energy healing technologies the last 15 years.

Mariam Mouna Guessous

Mariam (Mar) is a native of Marrakech, Morocco living and loving in Brooklyn NY. Mar is a natural born healer and alchemist bridging together ancient healing practices and new channeled healing technologies. 

Mar founded of I See You Wellness, I See You Studio, Apothecary and The Sanctuary to assist awakening beings in expanding their consciousness and creating their own reality.

The Inner Retreat is part of the Heal & Rise 6-week experience, we are opening our sacred container to the public to heal, practice and expand with us.


Scholarships + Payment Plans Available

We have a few Scholarships available by application for those experiencing financial hardship. Please apply here.

Application closes on Oct 22nd at 11:59pm.


"This experience left me feeling whole, affirmed, and confident that I had the power to create the future that I want. I’m very grateful to have been part of this experience and to have such a beautiful soul lead it."
"Mariam's gift for guiding one towards oneself is truly something special. I felt safe and at home in the space and I now feel more confident in trusting myself , my journey and the universe afterwards."
"I am so blessed to have been part of this community whilst radical transformations occurred within us and the world outside of us. This was the container my body needed to really stay in my body in this moment in time. 


What will I learn during this day retreat? I'm not sure if this is for me.

The inner retreat is designed for you to unplug from the outside world and plug within so you can experience your vastness and multidimensionality. The theme is "Create your Own Reality" so everything we'll share is geared to help you do just that. Through energy practices, QiGong, Kundalini Meditations, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, we hope this experience will provide you with the sacred space to journey and uncover the magic within you. If you want to experience unplugging from the matrix and plugging into your inner light source,  this is for you.

Is this experience for beginners or those advanced in their spiritual journey?

Everyone will experience the inner retreat differently but wherever you are in your journey, we believe you'll get exactly what you need from it. We welcome both beginners and advanced practitioners but we do emphasize that this experience is for those who are serious about doing the work in creating their own reality. The day is designed to push you a bit out of your comfort zone and we'll be covering some consciousness expanding topics, but if your intuition, guides or soul guided you here, then this might be for you. We strongly encourage you to listen to your intuition in this matter.

What is A.U.R.A, Quantum Healing and Past Life Regression?

A.U.R.A stands for Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy; it is a quantum healing hypnosis technique designed to help you navigate the quantum realm safely. You will have an opportunity to journey to a past, future or concurrent lifetime to receive important energy codes and healing for you to carry out your mission in this lifetime. When we access those aspects of ourselves, we unlock gifts, healing and abilities to bring to this lifetime. At the very least, we gain a better understanding of where our soul comes from, which can be absolutely transformative.

Do I have to attend all the sessions?

Yes, we recommend you clear your entire day as it is designed to help you get deeper and deeper into yourself. This is also an opportunity for you to Self Care in the comfort of your home and to disconnect from the outside world, just for a day. Treat this experience like an actual retreat you have to travel to, except the traveling will take place within. We will have plenty of breaks for lunch, tea and to recharge throughout the day but it is still an intensive, so yes, it will be intense in the best way possible :) If you can't attend all the sessions, you will have access to all recordings the next day. 

Are you Ready to Unplug?

If you're ready to tap into your multidimensionality and access magical inner worlds within you.

This experience is for you.

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